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Stroll-Smart Hands-Free Jogging Stroller Adapter

Stroll-Smart Hands-Free Jogging Stroller Adapter

Stroll-Smart Hands-Free Jogging Stroller Adapter

Price: $49.95
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Run Hands Free with Your Jogging Stroller!
Stroll-Smart is an award winning, jogging stroller adaptor essential to help parents get their natural stride back and have a good run providing the freedom of hands-free jogging with highest safety standards using its “quick-release” harness design. It is a lightweight adapter that allows parents who exercise with jogging strollers to run hands free, maintaining natural running posture, adding greater comfort, freedom and safety. It features removable lure lock fittings and a quick release mechanism, attaching to any diameter handle bar with secure, easy-to-install fittings. The Stroll-Smart adaptor comes with a comfortable, flexible and adjustable neoprene belt, featuring two pockets ideal for MP3 player, mobile phone, keys or pocket change. Additional features include a highly reflective strip at the back for high visibility. Additionally the adaptor automatically breaks away in the event of a sharp downward motion like a fall. Recommended 6 months - 50lbs. Waist size: Small-Medium 24"-32", Medium-Large 32"-42". Please allow 1-2 weeks for this item to reach you as it is shipped to you from the manufacturer. Drop Ship. (shipping weight 2 lbs)

Q) What jogging strollers will the Stroll-Smart™ adaptor work with?
A)Works with any stroller with a horizontal push bar at the rear and will fit any stroller handlebar with a 1-1.38 inch diameter.

Q) Is the Stroll-Smart adaptor easy to assemble?
A)Yes! The adaptor has 2 small bayonet type fittings which are attached to the stroller semi permanently (like a brake on a bicycle). These remain in place on the stroller after the first use and are held in place by a hex screw. The bayonet fittings do not interfere with normal use of the stroller.

Q) Is the hands-free device difficult to use with the jogging stroller?
A)No, after 10-15 minutes you will become both comfortable and proficient with using the Stroll-Smart hands free adaptor and it will add more enjoyment to your walk or run using your stroller.

Q) How do you steer the stroller with the hands free adaptor?
A)The stroller is steered in the normal way, by pushing forwards the ground with the push bar and lifting the front wheel off the ground. The Stroll-Smart hands free adaptor simply assists you on the straight line and relieves the stress on your lower back and arms.

Q) Is a leash recommended to use with the stroll smart hands-free adaptor?
A)Yes, the leash provided with your stroller is recommended as it will not restrict your walking or running with the stroller but will assist you in the event of a fall.

Q) How does the break away safety feature work?
A)The break away safety feature is designed so in the event of a fall or sharp downward force the roll joint in the bayonet fitting disconnects preventing the stroller from tipping over. Of course all circumstances are different and it is recommended that the leash be worn and the child strapped into the stroller with the harness provided by the stroller manufacturer.

Q) Does the Stroll-Smart adaptor look like part of the jogging stroller?
A)Yes, the Stroll-Smart™ adaptor is ergonomically designed to maintain the overall look of the stroller.

Q) Can the Stroll-Smart adaptor be used as an extension of the handlebar and pivot up and down?
A)Yes, however, you will still need to turn the jogging stroller in the normal way by holding onto the actual stroller handle bar, pushing down and turning!

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